There is talent in every neighborhood, but often in the underserved ones, those talents can go unrecognized and undeveloped; to the loss of the individual and to the community.  Any neighborhood can benefit from career mentoring and by encouraging budding artists to view art as a viable career option, and by sharing our stories as successful career artists, we hope to overcome the mistaken belief that artists can't make a living. Moreover, in our neighborhood, with it's high level of cultural diversity, art is a universal language that bridges cultures and fosters community building.  We know this because we have seen it in practice already. We've seen the enthusiasm in our students, how much natural skill they display and how quickly it develops, and how their self-confidence grows. We've seen the enthusiasm of their peers and family when they show off the work they have done. Our classes are available to the Clarke Square neighborhood and surrounding area.


Lori Gramling is the leader of Tree of Life Earthworks along with fellow artist Melissa Muller. Collectively, they bring years of experience in various art fields and the love of bringing artists of all kinds together. 

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